Welcome to A Stick Worth Loving : A Jay x Stick Shrine!

This shrine is to one of the greatest fannon shippings in the Warrior's universe: Jaypaw and his stick! It comes from Warriors: Power of Three: Dark River.


Jaypaw X Stick Group on DeviantART

Jay x Stick Fan Club on DeviantART (inactive)

This was created not only by me [Emberpelt], but by fans of the shipping all over the internet! I will list contributors here, as well as in their appropriate area:

E-mail: thewarriorsden@yahoo.com
Warrior's Wish Account: Emberpelt
DeviantART Account: Emberpelt
Neopets Account: rugrfan3
Website: The Warrior's Den

E-mail: thewarriorsden@yahoo.com
Warrior's DeviantART Account: Dinru
Neopets Account: Wizzards_Rule83
Website: The Warrior's Den

Warrior's Wish Account: Fukai Mori (Mistytail)
DeviantART Account: Kitty-Wolf

E-mail: minredd@yahoo.com
Warrior's Wish: Accountsmokestar
DeviantART Account: minredd

Sparkpaw / Sparktail
Warrior's Wish Account: Spark
DeviantART Account: Sparkiih

Phoenix of Rivers
E-mail: tanglewoodoverture@yahoo.com
Warrior's Wish Account: Fallen
DeviantART Account: Phoenix of Rivers

E-mail: warriorscreation@hotmail.com
Warrior's Wish Account: Leafstar
DeviantART Account: Leafstar
Website: Warriors Creation

DeviantART Account: Chocobofanatic

Warrior's Wish Account: Wolf
Note: Wolf seems to usually sign in as a guest and I can't figure out a way to contact. Please contact me if you get this, Wolf!

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