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.:. About Us .:.

.:. About Emberpelt .:.

Hi, I’m Emberpelt, the webmisstress of this site. I’ve loved Warriors for over four years now, and although my level of activeness may have gone up and down over the years, it is always there in the background. I miss this amazing fandom when I’m gone, but it’s difficult to always keep up with my busy live. I am known as Rugrfan or Ember on the first site I made with my friend, Dinru, Insert Site Name Here. Wow, that’s old and it looks bad, but hey, it is where the Warriors Parodies first appeared. I am known as my name here, Emberpelt, in my clan/Neopets guild on my main account, (Rugrfan3), WaterClan. I am proud to be WaterClan’s Medicine cat, as well as a kit there, Mosskit. I am also Dawnwind, Head Warrior, and Gorsenest, Warrior, in WaterClan’s partner clan, CactusClan, on my side account, aptly named Dawnwind, but I’m not incredibly active there any more, although I may pop my head in now and then on rugrfan3. Emberpelt is also the name I go by on DeviantART, where I am pretty active.

.:. Quick Stats .:.

Favorite Warriors Cat: Bluestar, Leafpool, and Cinderpelt. – I love ‘me all!
Favorite Warriors Cat from the First Series: Bluestar and Cinderpelt
Least Favorite Character: Hawkfrost (More than even Tigerstar. Hawkfrost just gets on my nerves!)
Favorite Position: Medicine Cat (duh!)
Favorite Book: Forest of Secrets and Bluestar’s Prophecy.. I can’t choose!
Favorite Book in the New Prophecy Series: Twilight
Least Favorite Book: Long Shadows
Character I best Identify with: Dovepaw
Saddest Moment: Tie between Bluestar's, Cinderpelt's, and Yellowfang's deaths

Other Stuff:
Favorite Color: Purple and Orange, I can't decide ^.^
Favorite Musicians: Adam Young (Owl City and Sky Sailing), Katy Perry, Paramore, Adam Lambert, Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson
Favorite Song: Strawberry Avalanche – Owl City
Favorite Animal: Tossup between cats (duh!) and, strangely, rhinos!
Other Favorite Authors: (I won't list books because I'd just list all books by these authors.) Erin Hunter (lots of duhs on this page), JK Rowling, Christopher Paolini, JRR Tolken, Corneilia Funke, CS Lewis

.:Are you really sure that you know all about me?:.

Hello, I am Scatteredpelt. I have known Emberpelt for quite a long time, and I am but a lowly would-be graphic designer that draws stuff for this website and has a little too much free time. I also taught Emberpelt everything most of what she knows about HTML, CSS, and Photoshop (5.0, to be exact). I also go by the name of Dinru S Farore (the S is optional, the Farore less so). I was once one of the co-owners of Insert Site Name Here. :) Also, if you are contacting me and know me in real life, don’t use my real name. It urks me to see it on the computer screen. Thanks! :D

.:. Quick Stats .:.

Favorite Warriors Cat: Bluestar, Leafpool, Hawkfrost
Favorite Warriors Cat from the first Series: Bluestar
Least Favorite Character: I’m not sure... <^^;
Favorite Book: Rising Storm
Favorite Book in the New Prophecy Series: Twilight (CrowXLeaf and AshXSquirell forever! :D)
Least Favorite Book: Dunno this one either…:
Character I best Identify with: Um… ??? :
Saddest Moment: Bluestar’s death :<

Other Stuff:
Favorite Color: Lavender, White, Black, and Pink.
Favorite Musicians: (Odd variety) Hikaru Utada, Yuna Itou, Rie Fu, Janelle Monae, Lady Gaga, Luka Megurine, GUMI, and some others too.
Favorite Song: It varies from day to day, heh.
Favorite Animal: Penguins, strangely enough. Cats come second, though. :)
Other Favorite Authors: Mia Ikumi, Kyo Azuma, Naoko Takeuchi, Gregory Wier (Actually a flash games developer)
Favorite Artists: See ‘Other Favorite Authors’ Section, Shouri(Espesialy her pixel dolls! =3)
Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon, Gurren Lagann, Ouran High School Host Club Favorite Video Game: Tales of Symphonia (Game Cube), The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, MOTHER series, The World Ends With You...

.:. About Thistlecloud .:.

Hello there~
I’m Thistlecloud, one of TWD’s editors. I’m highly involved with the Warriors world…mostly with my deviantART group, #WarriorCatsFanClub . My account name on deviantART is =dakotadog123. Stop by and say hello! :)

.:. Quick Stats .:.

Favorite Warriors Cat: Jayfeather
Favorite Warriors Cat from the first Series: Firestar
Least Favorite Character: Purdy
Favorite Position: Warrior
Favorite Book: Night Whispers
Favorite Book in the New Prophecy Series: Sunset
Least Favorite Book: Fire and Ice
Character I best Identify with: Ivypaw
Saddest Moment: Cinderheart

Other Stuff:
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Musicians: Adam Lambert, Imogen Heap
Favorite Song: Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment
Favorite Animal: Dragon
Other Favorite Authors: JK Rowling, Erin Hunter, Christopher Paolini, Eoin Colfer

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