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The ThunderClan Cats List is finally completely up-to-date! 73 total pages (in word with gratuitous spacing.) *pant pant* If you find any mistakes, please let me know by emailing me at The one thing that I couldn't verify were various things I saw were apparently said on Vicky Holmes's Facebook page about the parents of some of the older clan members (apparently Willowpelt was mates with Tawnyspots and gave birth to Darkstripe?) and some other things like that, but I've searched and been unable to verify this for myself, so for now I'm leaving it out of my research. But anywho, that's up-to-date, and I'll be working on the family tree next!

The ThunderClan Cats List is now updated for Battles of the Clans. I know this is a bit out-of-order, but the history stuff is tricky (and, in my opinion, the most fun) so I wanted to update while it was still fresh in my mind. Also, I went through the what book had listed for "death" and made them reflect the additional timeline of Bluestar's Prophecy - i.e. ancient cats now say "Before Bluestar's Prophecy" instead of "Before Into the Wild" and cats that died during Bluestar's leadership but before Firestar came to Thunderclan are listed as "Bluestar's Prophecy," since Bluestar does skate over their deaths before ending the story with finding Firestar.

Edit: I also added a "skip to" feature to the list, so you can click the links on the top of the page to take you to the various sections of the list (ie. Leaders, Warriors, etc.). I hope to someday make every cat listed clickable, so if you were to, say, go to Firestar and click Leafpool, it would take you to Leafpool's entry in the list. But alas, that is a project for when this site is actually up-to-date with the entire series. For now, enjoy the skip-to buttons! :) ~Emberpelt


The ThunderClan Cats List is up-to-date for Bluestar's Prophecy! That one was by far the biggest of the updates on the list, since there were so many new cats. *pant pant* Current cats are still only up to Long Shadows, but I'm workin' on it! :3 Also, I removed Tigerheart, Flametail, Dawnpelt, Mistyfoot, and Stonepelt from the list and added a note the the bottom. Although they all spent a small amount of time in ThunderClan as kits, they were apprenticed and raised in their respective clans and I don't think they themselves would identify as ThunderClan. Mosskit is still on the list, as she never lived in any other clan and is ThunderClan through and through. :)



I've finished Night Whispers! Wow, crazy good book. I'm going to start work on the ThunderClan Cat's list soon, but for now I've typed up and added the allegiances to Night Whispers and given the Book Stuff section a bit of a facelift. I've been reading Thistlecloud's copy of the newer books, and I'll need those for working on the the list and tree. :)


Edit: The blurbs for Battles of the Clans and Night Whispers are now up as well!


Continuing our updates, I've fixed the sorely out-of-date contact page, made the news archives a bit more streamline, put anything pre-2011 into the archives, and put up a new poll. My plan from here is to start in the upper left of the sidebar, and work my way down (for the most part) on getting it up-to-date. This, of course, means that the ThunderClan cats list and family tree are next. I'm about half-way through Night Whispers, and then I just have Battles of the Clans to read before I can begin on these. So if there aren't any updates immediately, it's because I'm working on those! It may take a while... the family tree is going to get a complete and much-needed overhaul. For now, enjoy the new poll!



'Ello everyone~! Wow, this site is feeling neglected! D: But no worries, Emberpelt Scatteredpelt and I are going to try to get this back up and running on all four paws! Along with the layout, so far we've updated our About Us page so it's more accurate. There's more to come! Talk you guys again soon! ;)



Hello all! I'm rather enthusiastic about the revival :D I'm a far cry from being caught up on the series, but I'll still contribute pretties in the mean time! Oh, and the new layout is now the default. Also, sorry to those of you on tiny displays who can't see the prettyness in the background :<


Howdy all! Guess what? We're coming back! That's right, after an extremely long unofficial hiatus, we're going to try to get this thing up and running again. And with that comes an all new layout, Classic 2.0, which you can find in the left sidebar (and will hopefully become default soon). This is symbolic of the site's maturing, as all of us staff have grown older. But, as I recently discovered, a love of Warriors does not fade. Thank the amazing Bluestar's Prophecy for reigniting my love of the books. Thistlecloud has been busy during our hiatus, creating and cultivating the 1,000+ member Warrior Cats Fan Club, the largest Warriors fan club on DeviantART, which is, in turn, the largest art site on the internet.

So, long story short, we're going to attempt to get TWD up to date and the great source for Warriors information it once was. Wish us luck!

~Your Staff Members (updated by Emberpelt)

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