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.:. We Need To Talk .:.

This is a transcript of the script editor Vicky Holmes brought with her on her US tour in 2007. I have tried to keep the format close to the original.


Cast List

Leafpool: light brown tabby she-cat (medicine cat)
Brambleclaw: dark brown tabby tom (deputy of ThunderClan)
Cloudtail: long-haired white tom
Berrypaw: cream-colored tom (Brambleclawís apprentice)

Crowfeather: dark gray tom
Onestar: brown tabby tom (leader of WindClan)
Tornear: tabby tom
Harepaw: light brown tom (Tornearís apprentice)

The narrow, overgrown stream that runs through the woods at the edge of the moor, which marks the border between ThunderClan and WindClan.

Early leaf-fall, two moons after the death of Hawkfrost on ThunderClan territory in mysterious circumstances.

Leafpool is waiting for Crowfeather in the shelter of a holly bush. As he walks along the border on the other side of the stream, she pops out. He has no idea sheís there.

LEAFPOOL: Crowfeather, wait!

CROWFEATHER: What?! Leafpool, what are you doing here?

LEAFPOOL: IÖ I wanted to see you.

CROWFEATHER (wary, glancing around him to check no oneís watching): Why?

LEAFPOOL (surprised): Because itís moons since I spoke to you! AndÖ and thereís something I think you should know.

CROWFEATHER (bitter): No, there isnít, Leafpool. You donít have to tell me anything any more. We belong to different Clans, remember?

LEAFPOOL: Why are you being like this? It was hard for me too, you know. But ThunderClan needs me to be their medicine cat. I donít have any choice.

CROWFEATHER: You did have a choice, and you chose to stay with them! Look, I shouldnítí even be talking to you. What if someone sees us? My Clanmates have only just begun to trust me again, and thatís mostly thanks to Nightcloud.

LEAFPOOL: Nightcloud? Why?

CROWFEATHER (looking uncomfortable): She.. she had my kits last moon. Onestarís going to announce it at the next Gathering.

LEAFPOOL (stunned, in a small voice): Oh. I didnít know.

CROWFEATHER: Well, what did you think Iíd do? Let my Clanmates go on thinking I was more loyal to ThunderClan? Nightcloudís a great cat, and a good mother.

LEAFPOOL (cutting him off): You were right, Crowfeather. We donít have anything to say to each other now. Goodbye.

Before Leafpool can leave, three ThunderClan cats appear: Brambleclaw, Cloudtail, and Berrypaw.

BRAMBLECLAW: Leafpool! Are you okay?

LEAFPOOL: Yes, Iím fine.

CLOUDTAIL (to Crowfeather): What are you doing here? Doesnít WindClan have enough warriors to send out proper patrols?

CROWFEATHER: Of course we do.

BERRYPAW (curious): What are you doing out here on your own?

CROWFEATHER: Onestar doesnít keep us prisoner in the camp!

LEAFPOOL (wearily): Just go, Crowfeather.

CLOUDTAIL (looking suspiciously from Leafpool to Crowfeather): So you two just happened to meet here, did you?

CROWFEATHER: Thatís right.

BERRYPAW: I remember you! You went away with Leafpool just before the badger attack. But then you came back.

BRAMBLECLAW: That was a long time ago, Berrypaw. We donít need to talk about it now.

LEAFPOOL (quietly): No. We donít need to talk about anything.

CLOUDTAIL (protectively): Has Crowfeather been bothering you?

LEAFPOOL: No, itís nothing like that.

CROWFEATHER: At least your Clanmates trust you.

Three WindClna cats appear: Onestar, the leader, Tornear, one of his senior warriors, and Tornearís apprentice Harepaw.

ONESTAR: Greetings, Brambleclaw. Is there a problem?

BRAMBLECLAW: One of your warriors has been trying to talk to Leafpool. CROWFEATHER: Oh for StarClanís sake!

TORNEAR (hostile): I see on of our warriors and two of yours, plus an apprentice. Do you call that affair fight?

CLOUDTAIL: There was no talk of fighting until you turned up, Tornear, but if thatís what you wantÖ

BERRYPAW (eagerly): Yeah! I may only be an apprentice but I can fight as well as any ThunderClan warrior.

HAREPAW (scornfully): Well, if you only fight as well as a ThunderClan cat, youíre nothing to be scared of.

BERRYPAW: Come here and say that! Iíll scratch your ears off, you piece of fox-dung!

BRAMBLECLAW (sharply): Thereís no need to fight, Berrypaw. Canít you see theyíre just mocking you?

TORNEAR: Whatís the matter, Brambleclaw? Worried my apprentice would shred the fur off yours? Or do you think we wouldnít actually fight? WindClan arenít your cosy allies anymore, not now Tallstar is dead. Weíre as strong as any of the Clans now, and I think itís time you found that out for yourselves.

CLOUDTAIL: Every cat knows that the only reason WindClan cats run so fast is because they keep running away!

ONESTAR: Brambleclaw, it looks as if your Clanmates are desperate for a fight. Arenít you going to control them?

BRAMBLECLAW: I donít see why I should, if you let your warriors insult them.

HAREPAW: Iíd easily beat that dumb apprentice over there. Every cat knows heís half-kittypet!

BERRYPAW: My mother came from the horseplace. That doesnít make her a kittypet! Weíre loyal to ThunderClan now. Iím glad she didnít come to you for help first!

TORNEAR: ThunderClan has quite a history of taking in stray kittypets, doesnít it? Not quite so welcoming to other Clan cats, though. Like Hawkfrost.

CLOUDTAIL (growling): He came onto our territory to kill Firestar! What did you think weíd do? Take him to our camp and let him have first pick of the fresh-kill pile?

TORNEAR: You didnít get a chance to do that, did you? Seeing as he managed to stab himself with a piece of wood and rolled into the lake to die!

BRAMBLECLAW: Hawkfrostís death has nothing to do with you. He was a traitor to the warrior code and RiverClan are well rid of him.

CROWFEATHER (looking at Leafpool: Oh yes, ThunderClan cats always do what the warrior code tells them to.

LEAFPOOL: Thatís not fair, Crowfeather.

ONESTAR: Come on. ThunderClan cats might be able to waste time, but we have a patrol to finish. Brambleclaw, I suggest you tell your Clanmates to stay well away from WindClanís territory Ė and their warriors. There is only peace at the full moon, remember, and my cats will fight to protect whatís theirs.

BRAMBLECLAW: Your cats have nothing that ThunderClan wants! Come on, Cloudtail, Berrypaw. And you, Leafpool.

LEAFPOOL (icily): Thank you, Brambleclaw, but I can make my own way back.

HAREPAW: Bye, kittypet! Iíll be ready for you next time!

BERRYPAW: Ready to be beaten, do you mean? Because thatís whatíll happen.

LEAFPOOL (quietly, to herself): Goodbye, Crowfeather. I hope we donít regret that we didnít speak today.

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